Founder: Sandra Mau

Year Founded: 2011

Year Partnered and Invested: 2014

Image recognition and AI for brand protection

TrademarkVison utilises image recognition and AI technology for trademark searches and protection. The Company’s software tools target legal and brand professionals, design firms and national patent and trademark offices. Users conduct single-country or worldwide searches in minutes instead of hours, with greater confidence around search results.

TrademarkVision was acquired by Boston-based Clarivate Analytics company CompuMark, the trademark clearance and protection partner for 9 out of 10 of the world’s most valuable brands. This marks Scale Investor's first successful exit and a key milestone in our history.

A huge congratulations to Sandra, her team and her investors for this achievement. Special mention to Lauren Melton, Scale Angel, who has passionately supported TrademarkVision not only in the capacity of an investor but through her position as Chairman. Lauren was instrumental in leading Trademark Vision through the acquisition.

Read more about Lauren’s involvement with TrademarkVision here.

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Lauren Melton has been a Scale Angel since 2003. She has founded, operated, consulted and invested in businesses from startups to the Fortune 500 with industry experience across airlines, software and technology, consumer packaged goods and industrial equipment. As an industrial and systems engineer, Lauren has a keen interest in manufacturing, supply chain and logistics management.