Scale helps investors and entrepreneurial women to connect, invest and succeed

The Vision

To equip women to become successful investors whose wealth is enhanced through connection with, investment in, and support of women entrepreneurs in early stage businesses.

Scale is a female focused angel investor network. We were founded in Melbourne in March 2013 inspired by the US based organisation Golden Seeds.

Our founding members are women, but we welcome and include men who share our vision of maximizing returns by supporting early stage businesses that value gender diverse leadership.


StartUp InvestED

What do angel investors look for in a startup? What’s the #1 mistake angels make in considering investment opportunities?

StartUp InvestED is a self-paced, digital course exploring the significant rewards and potential pitfalls of investing in startups. Some of Australia’s most experienced angel investors offer an insider's look at best practices in this space including: 

  • How to vet an early stage business model

  • What investors look for in teams

  • How much to invest

  • How to structure a deal and much more.

Whether you’re an active angel or an aspirational startup investor, StartUp InvestED will equip you with a toolkit for navigating the high risk, high return category of startups.

Founders, aspirational founders and wealth managers will also gain rich insights on what angels look for in early-stage investing.  

“The wonderful thing about early-stage investment is the array of people, ideas and opportunities you encounter. What I love about this education series is the diversity of views presented, which allow you to learn the different parts of investing in early-stage companies at your own pace and from many different perspectives.

Investing in startups at the beginning of their journey is as daunting as it is rewarding. There is so much to learn, from how to work with founders to the intricacies of the legal and financial aspects of making an investment. This early-stage investor education series goes into great detail in all the areas you need to understand to maximize the enjoyment and success of that journey.”


Matthew Pryor, CEO/CTO, Observant
Chair, Rocket Seeder, Monash University 



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