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Who are the teachers and what are the class sizes?

The rich investor education explores the significant rewards and multiple potential pitfalls of angel investing. Learn from the experiences of some of Australia’s most experienced startup investors including - Paul Bassett, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, co-founder, Seek; Matt and Aprill Allen, possibly Australia’s most formidable tech couple, with 5 of their own successful exits, entrepreneur/investor Sheona Devin, fintech startup investor and Scale Investors board member Lynne Thornton, angel investor & general partner NAB Ventures  Melissa Widner, Danny Gorog, who sold the company he co-founded, Outware, to Melbourne IT for $67 million.

Learn through personal stories from industry experts, interactive material, online reading, podcasts and community learning that focuses on investing in startups.

How do I know if it suits my learning style?

Free content is included for people to trial in order to gauge the appropriateness of the learning.

 The Introduction to Angel Investing covering:

·      Rewards- national and economic benefits of angel investing

·      The place of angel investing within the overall investable universe

·      Angel investing and where it sits in the life cycle of a startup

·      The benefits of investing with an angel group

·      A sample angel investment process

·      Program content

·      Learning tips

Am I obligated to make any investments during the course?

There is no obligation to make an investment during the program. We do however encourage those who are investment-ready to take advantage of the opportunity to offset the course fee against Scale Investors annual subscription. 

What are the benefits of being a member of Scale Investors

Sophisticated investors are encouraged to join Scale and unlock access to :

  • An influential network of investors who pool their expertise for Due Diligence

  • The Scale Masterclasses conducted by subject matter experts 4 times a year on a 1-6 interactive presentation in Melbourne and Sydney outside business hours

  • Deal flow through regular startup screenings and monthly investor presentations with 3 + startups pitching that are all recorded for those unable to be there in person

  • Quarterly reporting by Scale Portfolio companies

  • Annual Scale Portfolio Review Day in Melbourne or Sydney