eBooks for Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors and Business Advisors, written by Dr Tom McKaskill. 

Invest to Exit - A pragmatic strategy for Angel and Venture Capital investors

Raising Angel & Venture Capital Finance – An entrepreneur’s guide to securing venture finance

An Introduction to Angel Investing - A guide to investing in early stage entrepreneurial ventures

Ultimate Exits – The secret behind selling entrepreneurial ventures at staggering prices

Ultimate Acquisitions – Unlock high growth potential through smart acquisitions

Ultimate Growth Strategies – A practical guide to engineer high growth into your business

Marketing for High Growth Ventures - Forget the spin, apply proven strategies

Financial Information for Entrepreneurs and Managers - Understanding and Using Financial Statements, Budgets and Cash Flow Statements

Financial Decision Making for Entrepreneurs and Managers - Understanding and using business decision models in strategic planning

The Rollercoaster Ride

Masterclass for Entrepreneurs - Over 330 published articles assembled in 9 books.