Office hours
‘Office Hours’ is an informal information session for entrepreneurs seeking advice. Office Hours are held at 10am-11am on the first Monday of every month in Sydney and 11am-12noon on the first Friday of every month in Melbourne. We encourage entrepreneurs to establish a dialogue with us, even before they plan to raise money.

Entrepreneurs who believe they are ready to be funded, apply to Scale Angels for funding by submitting an online application on Gust. All members have immediate access to review the application and all accompanying materials provided by the entrepreneur in the deal room on Gust.

If they fulfil the investment criteria, they are invited to attend a Screening session. Screenings are held twice every second month beginning March 2018 from 9:30-12pm (via Zoom). All Scale Angels are welcome to attend. All applicants will be provided with timely, constructive feedback.

Successful applicants are provided with specific feedback on their presentation to ensure they are ready to present to an Investor Forum, and unsuccessful applicants may be invited to reapply at a later date.

Investor forum
Following each screening session, our top three or four women entrepreneurs will then be invited to present to the Investor Forum, held in both Sydeny and Melbourne locations.

Due Diligence
At the forum, Scale Angels will determine which companies they are considering investing in, pending Due Diligence. Companies gaining adequate investment interest move to a deep dive meeting, held at 9:30-10.30am the Friday after the Investor Forums, and if interest continues, a four to six week Due Diligence process.

During Due Diligence, Scale Angels review historic financials and financial model, sales and marketing strategy, product road map, IP, management references and background checks, market opportunity, value proposition, business model, competition, material contracts, exit strategy and potential returns.