StartUp InvestED

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More than 6 hours of content rich five Modules of 60 mins each supported by an exhaustive Glossary and extensive reference material making more than 12+ hours of material per Module:

  • An Introduction to Angel Investing

  • Risk & Reward

  • Deal Flow

  • Doing the Deal

  • How to be a good angel…growing value

  • Follow-on Rounds and Exits

  • Searchable Glossary of investment terms and definitions put together by investment professionals and legal firm Piper Alderman

  • Reference material of globally sources resources that are continually updated

The views of Investors and Entrepreneurs

The wonderful thing about early-stage investment is the array of people, ideas and opportunities you encounter. What I love about this education series is the diversity of views presented, which allow you to learn the different parts of investing in early-stage companies at your own pace and from many different perspectives.

Investing in startups at the beginning of their journey is as daunting as it is rewarding. There is so much to learn, from how to work with founders to the intricacies of the legal and financial aspects of making an investment. This early-stage investor education series goes into great detail in all the areas you need to understand to maximize the enjoyment and success of that journey.
— Matthew Pryor, CEO/CTO, Observant Chair, Rocket Seeder, Monash University
This Early stage investment education series enables an investor to get holistic insight into both the structure of the investing journey, the terminology used, and to the wisdom of investors who generously share their successes and their mistakes – both equally important in appreciating that no one investment is the same.

Early stage investing is hands on, conversationally driven, and relationship based. This series also enables new early stage investors to get a handle on the roadmap and terminology so that they can bring their strengths and experiences to the table more fully.
— Wendy Bonnici – Investor and Advisor
I believe the Scale online education program will allow both new and experienced angel investors to gain additional knowledge about this important contributor to the Australian economy, via a self-paced program that can be accessed conveniently from home or workspace.
— Michael Vitale – Educator, Director, Angel Investor