Co-Founders: Deb Noller & John Darlington

Scale: Sabine Dejey (Board Observer)

The Switch Platform delivers software-as-a-service (SaaS) to corporate and commercial portfolios, significantly improving the users’ capacity to manage their operations. Switch is co-founded and operated by CEO, Deb Noller and CTO, John Darlington who have more than 30 years in business together. Switch is gaining traction in the large and growing US market, with a full pipeline of marquee clients and partnerships. Switch collects live data from existing systems such as building management systems and smart meters, as well as data feeds and historical data from disparate sources such as financial systems, suppliers, utilities and weather services. Switch is hardware agnostic and provides a unified enterprise level information platform for all operational data. Setting it apart from competitors, the Switch Platform is also able to control local devices directly from the cloud by communicating with existing control systems over open protocols.