Switch Automation is an Australian software company with offices in Sydney and San Francisco. Deb Noller, CEO of Switch Automation, is a Springboard alumnae , Aon Entrepreneur-in-residence and member of Dell’s Founders 50 Fall Class of 2014.

Built on Microsoft’s industry leading Azure Cloud Platform, Switch’s intelligent building solution improves companies’ capacity to manage and control extensive building portfolios.

Experienced CTO and Scale Angel, Yvonne Everett, will take a seat on the Switch board and said: “I’m excited by the commercial possibilities of the open intelligent building platform that Switch Automation has built. The Switch software is backed by an experienced global business and technology team with great depth of skills. I am impressed by the forethought that has gone into building an architecture that will scale and adapt to a number of market sectors. Switch CTO, John Darlington, has done a superb job of positioning the platform for growth from a technology standpoint.”

Harvard MBA and strategist Lisa Ray Hennessy, who holds several directorships and co-led the Scale investment, said: “When evaluating businesses we look for a demonstrated demand, along with product offerings that are differentiated in the market and businesses that can be scaled on a global level. Switch delivers all three. There was consistent feedback from the market place that Switch’s product offering stands out among its competition and delivers discernible value to its customers.”

Here is the full press release.

The investment has received coverage in The AFRStartup Smart and BRW.