Brian Cohen, the first investor in Pinterest and Chair of New York Angels, recently published “What Every Angel Investor Wants You To Know”. He pays “special attention to startups that are founded by women entrepreneurs or have women as senior executives. My experience is that angel-backed start ups led by women have definite advantages in the market place over startups where only men are in charge.”

I would recommend this first hand account to entrepreneurs and angels alike. It is an excellent insight into what motivates and excites an Angel investor. The New York Angels are the most active angel group in the US.

Stephanie Newby, founder of Golden Seeds, provides two pieces of advice for women led start ups in Brian’s book. First, relationships matter. “Getting funding is really about building relationships with the people who you think might become investors in your company”. Second, entrepreneurs should know their numbers and feel comfortable talking about finance, even if they don’t have a rigorous financial background. “They should still know the fundamental numbers of their startup and be able to articulate them at a high level – no hemming or hawing.”