We require companies to fulfil the following qualifying criteria to be considered by Scale Angels:

  • Female founder or woman at the executive level with significant equity and influence. We believe businesses that value gender diverse leadership teams achieve higher returns.

  • Raising $250,000 to $700,000 capital from Scale Angels. Typically we will lead early stage rounds with valuations of less than $4m. We will consider co-investing with other groups for later, larger rounds.

  • A scaleable product with proprietary features or channels to market that provide barriers to entry for competition and a business model with potential to generate $20m revenues in 5 years. If the business is pre revenue, a product roadmap reflecting identified client input.

  • A commitment to achieving an exit for Scale Angels via a trade sale, MBO or PE exit within 5-10 years and the potential to realise 10x returns for Scale Angels.