1. Attend Office Hours
Entrepreneurs seeking investment, thinking about investment or purely wanting some ‘inside’ info around the investment process are welcome to attend ‘Scale Office Hour’, an informal session with plenty of opportunity to ask your burning investment questions. out this. These sessions are not used for pitching for funding. Office Hours are held in both Melbourne and Sydney locations Please register at least 24 hours in advance below:

Register for Melbourne

Register for Sydney

2. Submit an Application
Start the process by submitting an online application via Gust, a secure deal management software used by angel investor groups globally. We also request that you submit a video interview with your Gust application. All information remains with Scale without the express request or permission of the entrepreneur.

At every stage of the investment process, all applicants will be provided with timely, constructive feedback. Successful applicants are provided with specific feedback on their presentation to ensure they are ready for the next stage.

3. Present at Screening Session
Successful applicants are invited to a Screening session hosted our of Melbourne. We bring up to eight successful applicants to this level of screening per investment cycle.

4. Present at Investor Forum
Following each screening session, our top three to four women entrepreneurs will then be invited to present to the Investor Forum, held in both Sydney and Melbourne locations.

5. Due Diligence Process
In order to proceed to Due Diligence there will need to be a minimum threshold of investor interest met following pitches at the Investor Forums. As a part of DD Scale will look to review, where applicable, historical financials and financial model, sales and marketing strategy, product road map, IP, management references and background checks, market opportunity, value proposition, business model, competition, material contracts, exit strategy and potential returns.

6. Deal Close
We aim to sign a term sheet within six weeks and finalise closing documentation and transfer funds to your company within eight weeks.

Please note: Admin and on-boarding fees associated with closing each deal will be invoiced upon completion of transaction. These fees are subject to final investment amount.